Where do I start?

There is a lot of information available on this site. Here is a good starting point – click on the box below that describes you the best. It will lead you to the resources we think will be most helpful to you.

Living with SUD

You or someone you love may be struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) or living in recovery. What should you know and what is available in Tillamook County that can help you?

Community Members

You may know someone with substance use disorder (SUD) or want to know how you can help those who are living with SUD. There are plenty of programs and trainings you can participate in.

Public Service

You work in a profession that cares for people with substance use disorder (SUD). Healthcare, law enforcement or emergency response –  there are training videos and handouts specific to what you do every day.


Medication Assisted Treatment allows people to live their lives again.”

John Bolman, MD

Adventist Health Tillamook

As a behavioral health agency, our goal is to improve and protect the well-being of all people living in Tillamook County.”

Frank Hanna- Williams

Tillamook Family Counseling Center 

Medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) is collaborative. We work together to find what works best for the patient. “

Brandi-Ann Harris, NP

Adventist Health Tillamook

Naloxone works! A person was down and when I gave it to them, they were instantly up and okay.”

Big Mike

Community Member

Sometimes overcoming the stigma is harder than the problem. When you give people in recovery equitable tools and resources to succeed, we are able to build more healthy and resilient communities for everyone.”

Peter Starkey


The complexities of behavioral health challenges and substance use disorder require collaborative solutions. We are contributing to the opioid response by bringing community resources and offering mental health first aid training.”

Dusti Linnell


The number of people living with an opioid use disorder is increasing.  I see and experience it every day I am working patrol.  I am happy to be part of the solution here in Tillamook .”

Nick Troxel

Tillamook Police Department

As both the Public Health and Mental Health Authorities of Tillamook County, the Board of Commissioners is grateful for the work addressing the needs of those in our county with opioid use disorder. It takes all of us working together to ensure no one goes without the necessary treatment.”

Erin Skaar

Board of County Commissioners

Substance use disorders and intimate partner violence often intersect, and by partnering domestic violence advocates with our MAT programs we are able to address the safety and needs of survivors .”

Valerie Bundy

Tides of Change