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This online Substance Use Disorders 101 program is an introductory course that provides an overview of substance use disorders, along with evidence-based approaches to prevention, intervention, and treatment. Presented by Oregon State University, this FREE, 12- hour, online training is set up for you to progress […]
Curious as to what may happen to you or a loved one when you seek treatment for the first time? There are a couple different assessments that your provider may use. The Provider Clinical Support System had written a great article about to expect and what […]
  These resources were created by Reverse Overdose Oregon. To learn more about Reverse Overdose Oregon, visit their website at
The concept of “rock bottom” can help people describe their experience of recovery from addiction by turning it into a narrative with a clear event that helped turn their life around. But the idea that we should wait for the disease to get worse before seeking […]
Like other chronic illnesses, substance use disorders (SUDs) get worse over time. Knowing the severity level of your SUD helps your doctor understand the status of your illness and your risk for serious events (like overdose) in order to plan the best course of treatment. The […]
Guy Felicella shares his story and experience with addiction. Giving people perspective from a lived experience that no matter what the odds are against an individual struggling in addiction, people do get better. People do get their lives and families back and do become productive members […]
Hear their stories of experiences with stigma. Stigma against people who use drugs results in discrimination, impacts health, and contributes to overdoses. Sharing stories of people who use drugs can reduce stigma.   This video was created by Northern Health BC.
Navigating Addiction and Treatment: A Guide for Families is a resource for family members who are trying to navigate the complex world of addiction and help loved ones achieve recovery. The guide includes basic definitions, as well as in-depth information about substance use disorders, treatment options, […]
This 28-page tookit will provide you with prevention tips and actions to take during an overdose event given your role as a loved one, professional, or affected person. To download use this link: Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit_English To download use this link: Prevención de la Sobredosis […]
Not everyone who uses alcohol or drugs develops a substance use disorder (SUD)—why is that? People have different risk factors that make them more vulnerable to developing SUDs. These can be environmental or individual. This video explains what these risks are and how they can affect […]