Prime+ Peer Support

Prime+ is a FREE service available to anyone in Tillamook County looking for help with their substance use. If you need support on your recovery journey give them a call:

   Melinda Scott: 971-341-1709

   Jennifer Barksdale: 971-341-1711

   Sara Pulver: 971-341-1750

   Mike Shaffer: 971-341-1961

What do Prime+ Peers do? LOTS

  • They inspire hope that people can and do recover.
  • They walk with people on their recovery journeys.
  • They bust myths about what it means to have a mental health or substance use disorder.
  • They provide self-help education and link people to tools and resources.
  • They support people in identifying goals, hopes, and dreams.
  • They help individuals in creating a roadmap for success.

“Peer support helped me see that I was not hopeless. It gave me my voice back and bolstered my self-worth.”

— Elizabeth (name changed)

Meet the peers

Jennifer Barksdale (left) and Melinda Scott (right) are two Prime+ Peers.

Jennifer Barksdale

Tillamook County Wellness interviewed Jennifer. Click the link below to read the published article and learn about Jennifer’s story. 

melinda scott
Handout with information about Prime+