Prime+ Peer Support

Prime+ is a FREE service available to anyone in Tillamook County looking for help with their substance use. Call Melinda at 971-341-1709  or Jennifer at 971-341-1711 if you need support on your recovery journey – whatever stage you are at.

What do Prime+ Peers do? LOTS

  • They inspire hope that people can and do recover.
  • They walk with people on their recovery journeys.
  • They bust myths about what it means to have a mental health or substance use disorder.
  • They provide self-help education and link people to tools and resources.
  • They support people in identifying goals, hopes, and dreams.
  • They help individuals in creating a roadmap for success.

“Peer support helped me see that I was not hopeless. It gave me my voice back and bolstered my self-worth.”

— Elizabeth (name changed)

Meet the peers

Jennifer Barksdale (left) and Melinda Scott (right) are our current Prime+ Peers.

Jennifer Barksdale

Tillamook County Wellness recently interviewed Jennifer. Click the link below to read the published article and learn about Jennifer’s story. 

melinda scott

Melinda’s interview will be coming soon…

Handout with information about Prime+