Navigating Addiction and Treatment: A Guide for Families is a resource for family members who are trying to navigate the complex world of addiction and help loved ones achieve recovery. The guide includes basic definitions, as well as in-depth information about substance use disorders, treatment options, communication strategies, and self-care tips.

To view or download this thorough guide, use this link: Navigating Addiction and Treatment Guide


This guide was released in the summer of 2020. It was created by the Addiction Policy Forum staff in conjunction with an Expert Review Panel composed of prominent researchers and physicians in the addiction field. The guide was also crafted with support from the Family Support Advisory Committee made up of family members with lived experience.


Jessica Hulsey, president, Addiction Policy Forum

TL Parker, director, Addiction Policy Forum

Michelle Jaskulski, director, Addiction Policy Forum


The Addiction Policy Forum is a nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating addiction as a major health problem. Founded in 2015, they are working in states and communities across the country to end stigma, help patients and families in crisis and translate the science around addiction.

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