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The concept of “rock bottom” can help people describe their experience of recovery from addiction by […]
Like other chronic illnesses, substance use disorders (SUDs) get worse over time. Knowing the severity level […]
Distributing naloxone is one of the easiest steps an EMS agency can take to prevent overdose. […]
Treatment of OUD with buprenorphine (bup) has been demonstrated to reduce relapse and overdose. California is […]
EMS personnel encounter many people who use drugs, and these interactions can be challenging. By learning […]
It is common for the provider/healthcare team to experience challenging conversations with patients as safety guidelines […]
Guy Felicella shares his story and experience with addiction. Giving people perspective from a lived experience […]
Hear their stories of experiences with stigma. Stigma against people who use drugs results in discrimination, […]
Navigating Addiction and Treatment: A Guide for Families is a resource for family members who are […]
Not everyone who uses alcohol or drugs develops a substance use disorder (SUD)—why is that? People […]